Dental Insurance

Casa Dental is registered as a member of CDA-net –

which means we can submit your dental claim to your insurance carrier electronically.

We accept the following methods of payment: Interac, VISA, MasterCard, and personal cheques.​

we also offer FLEXIBLE monthly payment plans, no interest rate

Dental Insurance policies can be complicated to understand. 

Our team has many years of experience working with numerous insurance plans and policies. We help you submit your dental claims so you receive reimbursement from your insurance company. Our qualified office team can help you fill out all the insurance claims with your authorization, or you may choose to file on your own. 

Our office also accepts the coordination of benefits and assignments. You may also choose to pay us and get reimbursed by your dental insurance company. Since our office is registered as a member of CDAnet, we can submit your dental insurance claim to your insurance carrier electronically.

When submitted electronically, your claim is received instantly and processed quickly, depending on your plan. You may receive your reimbursement cheque or direct deposit within one week. In some cases, you may even get reimbursed within 24-hours by direct deposit.

We will provide you with a written estimate for all future treatments needed, such as Invisalign, root canals, dental implants, and fillings. We will give you as well an estimate for any routine procedure upon request. We can also submit predetermination forms to their insurance companies for patients with dental benefits to verify the amount of coverage for any basic or major procedures. 

Feel free to give us a call once you received the estimated approval from your insurance company so we can book your appointment. We understand that dental procedures can be costly or unexpected. Our office is more than willing to arrange financial payment plans with you and your family. We do have flexible payment family plans. Our team is happy to discuss any questions that you might have.

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